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Alicia was raised right! She is the eldest of three daughters. Her parents were Roseville High School sweethearts and raised their daughters here in Macomb County. Her grandparents legally immigrated to the United States with their five children in 1949.


Alicia is married 30 years to a retired police officer and her greatest accomplishment is raising her two children. She is self-employed and has been working side by side with Michigan small business owners and their employees. She has lived through the ups and downs that small businesses have faced for the past 28 years.

Alicia loves spending time with her family. She is an avid boater, snowmobiler, and off-road trail rider. Walking, hiking, fishing, boating, hunting, trail riding, and visiting our beautiful lakes, beaches and parks is something that Alicia truly understands and believes is an important part of life in Michigan for family and friends.

  • Lifelong Macomb County Resident

  • Proud CPL holder

  • Macomb County Republican Party

  • Wife of POAM (Police Officers Association of Michigan) member

  • Former USA Michigan Swim team board member

  • Michigan for Vaccine Choice Member

  • Bridge The Blue Member: Community for Law Enforcement Supporter

  • Let Them Play Michigan member (Let the parents be the parent)

  • Fraternal Order of Eagles

  • Moose Lodge

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